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organic cotton, cotton, biodegradable, natural fibers, Sisal, agave fiber, sisal fiber, natural fiber



This soap saver bag will help you to use up the leftovers soap pieces.
This pouch perfect to help extend the life of your soap too.

When you travel, you can keep your soap in this bag,
because it dries out fast if you hand it up.

When you shower, you can use it to make lather in your
hands or as an exfoliator directly on your skin.
Hang it up to dry with the hook.
No more goop in the soap dish! :)

This is the perfect addition to specialty soap bars.
They have a tendency to melt in water.
Slip the soap bar into the pouch and secure it with the drawstring.
This pouch snuggles around a bar of soap.

When you are finished give it a quick rinse and hang it up.
You can put in the same place as your old plastic loofah.
Sloppy messes and invasions of bacteria are prevented.
The bag and the soap will dry easily.

Perfect for traveling too.

-sisal web ( from Agave plant)
-cotton string.

It is made with natural fibers so it can be composted when it wears out.


Soap Saver Exfoliating Bag

€ 4,20Price
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