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These beautiful Produce bags are upcycled from an old curtain.

Now they’ve got a second life as produce bags.
You can use them instead of disposable single use plastic bags.
It is such an easy swap!

They are lightweight.
This is very practical, you don't have to get the bag measured separately.
It is also see-through, so you can use the same way you would use the plastic bags.

I always get a lot of compliments from the shop assistant at the supermarket, when I bring my own bags.
The farmers love it at the farmer's market too.


SMALL: 17x16 cm, 3 grams (= 6.3 x 6.7 inches, 0.1 oz)

MEDIUM: 25x30 cm, 6 grams (= 10 x 12 inches, 0.2 oz)

LARGE: 35x40 cm, 10 grams (= 14 x 15.7 inches, 0,35 oz)

It is made of second-hand curtains and the ribbon is 100% cotton.

Rinse it under lukewarm running water for 5-10 sec or pop it into the washing machine.
Wash on 60°C (140F),
tumble dry on low,
do not iron

Reusable produce bags - set of 3

€ 12,00Price
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