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Green Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Finding sustainable presents for Christmas can be challenging. I hope my ideas will help you to find the perfect sustainable present for your loved ones. These links are not affiliated links. This means that I don't earn any money if you shop from these websites. They are just suggestions to support small women-owned businesses before Christmas.

Saborka - vegan bags Sabrina is a Vienna, Austria based bag designer. All her bags are made of vegan leather and a selection is made from pineapple leaf fibers. Piñatex is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple leaves (80%). Now you can get -15% off with the code: WASTELESSXMAS

Anne Hermine - bags made of coffee packaging Anne is also a Viennese based bag designer, but her bags are made of upcycled coffee packaging. Coffee packaging is otherwise not recycleble, because it is made of mixed materials: plastic and metal. Her bags are durable and beautiful. They help you reduce waste and they are a great vegan alternatives for leather.

Now you can get -10% off from all pruchases with the code: "wastelessxmas" (until 31.12.2020)

Kahuna Soaps - Palm Oil Free hand made soaps: Clara started her new soap business just a month ago and she offers only palm oil free hand made soaps and cosmetics. These artisanal soaps are beautiful and very gentle on the skin. They are made in London, UK. My personal favourite is the "Vegan Artisan Soap Bar with shea butter and kelp". Now you can get -15% off from all products with the coupon code: "WLXMS15"

House of Q --- Unique tables & decorations made of reclaimed tiles Benedicte is half Belgian, half Danish and she lives in Vienna, Austria. House of Q offers conscious interior design, unique tables, and ornaments made of reclaimed antique tiles and upcycled wood, combined with metal for a modern look. Now you can get -10% off from all purchases with the code "WasteLessXmas". You just have to include this code in your message to her.

Impact Earthlings - Postcards with a DIY cosmetics recipe

click here Olivia doesn't have an online shop yet, so we put up her postcards in my online shop. She is a Vienna based eco-influencer. These postcards are just adorable!!! The recipes are in GERMAN, but we ship worldwide for FREE.

Gokce Art

Gokce Art is a Copenhagen based studio - lead by the lovely Gökce. Water and Earth are the main elements in this art. Every material used for it is gathered from nature. All paintings are created on water surface with handmade brushes out of horsehair bound to rose twigs, natural earth pigments, cattle gal and tragacanth.

The Turkish art of Ebru (marbling) originated over 800 years ago in the Orient. For 7 years now, Gökçe has modified and used this technique to best suit her artistic need. All works of art created using this technique are unique and cannot be imitated. Marbling stylizes nature. We cannot see the same clouds, colors, patterns twice in the sky. With its similar unpredictable nature, marble art can awaken the same emotional experience as you get when you are immersed by natural scenery. Now there is free shipping for all postcards and prints. With the code: WASTELESS20 you can get -20% off. (*Except gift cards) The promotion is active 01.12.2020 - 25.12.2020

Lampaka Ranch - products made of sustainable & fair alpaca hair

Simone provides the best life for her alpacas. They roam freely on the ranch and they dont have to do anything besides enjoy life. They even have their own pond. They have to get sheared once a year and Simone uses their hair to make products of it. For example she makes knitting wool and cooks soap with the alpaca hair. You can order from her by writint to: (ships only to Austria) Now you can get -15% off with the code: WASTELESSXMAS (*except Lama walks)

ELLAs - collar with a cause

Leonie's dog collar shop makes me want to have a dog just to get one of these cute natural dog collars. Until I have a puppy I might just have to get one of the lovely face mask holders. They are made of paracord and FSC certified beautiful wood pearls or eco-certified EM-ceramic. Ten percent of all purchases are donated to @carefordogsro

She is based in Vienna and ships worldwide plastic free. Now you can get -15% off of all purchases with the coupon code WASTELESSXMAS valid from 3.12.2020-10.12.2020

Bianca Köben - Sustainable Fashion

Saloua is the founder of Bianka Köben, an online shopping destination of curated sustainable clothing brands for women, men, and kids.

She is a Spanish entrepreneur, based in Switzerland. Her combined 16 years of fashion studies, entrepreneurial experience, and over 3 years of research about the threats to our planet, enabled her to create this project. She brought together brands that share ethical practices, that do not participate or condone labor slavery, and that have the utmost respect for our planet reflecting the values of sustainability, ethical labor, and cruelty-free production. You can now get -15% with the code BKWASTELESS15 (valid from 7-13.12.2020) on all orders. Ships from Spain.

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